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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives through learning and teaching. Our students learn in a supportive, personal environment and gain skills to meet local and national employment needs.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do. Our core values are;


Keep the interests of our clients ahead of own interests.


Follow strict moral and ethical code

Being innovative

Provision of better and more effective training solutions


Fulfil our clients expectation to our best ability


Highly adaptable to changes


Founded in 2007, we have trained and educated over 5000 pupils since establishment. We have focussed our effort in customising our programmes to meet the local training needs so that our students get in to relevant employment and progress in their career.We work with various government initiatives to help and support the communities in achieving their training and employment needs.


With a strong base in London and Essex, we offer training across South East of England and Midlands.

Our Team

All our Academic Staff are subject experts and often real-world practitioners in their subject area. They are flexible to understand the specific needs of our students and tailor the study programmes to meet those needs. The college management team comes with wealth of experience to put strategic plan into action.

Employers and Learners

  • A wide range of accredited training
  • Exceptional delivery support that creates market leading success rates
  • Combination of online or hard copy resources
  • Flexible and innovative range of qualifications
  • Analysis of company training needs and development of a supporting implementation strategy
  • Advice and guidance on the apprenticeship levy
  • Tracking and monitoring of employee progression through their qualification