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PM pledges to create best ever technical education system

PM pledges to create best ever technical education system

Theresa May spelled out plans to create a first class technical education system for the first time in our nation’s history, in a difficult speech to conference.

The Prime Minister, who has a cold and was struggling to make herself heard, spoke about her high hopes for the government’s FE reform agenda.

She stressed the need to invest the same level of energy and commitment to boosting skills training, for example through planned new “gold standard” T-level technical qualifications and Institutes for Technology, as usually goes into schools.

This, Ms May said, was about “preparing our young people for the world of the future, setting them up to succeed, taking skills seriously with new T-levels for post-16 education, and a new generation of Technology Institutes in every major city in England – providing the skills local employers need, and more technical training for 16-19 year olds”.

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